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Tales of the Thames

We are crossing the river Thames to Southwark. The part of London where anything necessary but nasty took place! Brothels, Theatres, Breweries, Prisons... Join us for a series of four virtual walks along the Southbank of the Thames.


Across the Thames. Blackfriars to Southwark Bridge Walk along a stretch of the Thames famous for the arts and entertainment for over 400 years. From Shakespeare and Johnson to Picasso and Monet, leading figures from the arts world have been links with this part of the Thames.

Discover a strange connection between Blackfriars and India. See the only train station which spans the river, a bridge which wobbled, and where you could find a ferry man to take you across the river. Visit the Globe theatre and look inside the Tate Modern. End by relaxing at the pub where Samuel Pepys watched as London burned.


Along the Thames. Southwark Bridge to Borough. Stroll through streets where practices were allowed which were outlawed elsewhere in London. There was gambling on bull and bear baiting, dog and cock fighting, drinking, music, dancing and houses of ill repute.

Visit one of England’s oldest and most notorious prisons. Hear about the bawdry goings on right under the nose of the Bishop and in sight of his palace. See the amazing replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hinde, the ship that took the great Elizabethan sailor around the world over 400 years ago. Walk through London's oldest food market, see a cathedral with links to Harvard University, a famous London bridge now in America and take a rest at London's last remaining galleried inn while you contemplate what you have seen.


Further Along the Thames. Borough to County Hall. This stretch of the Thames brings us medicine, maritime and management.

See a world renowned hospital with long history and step into an old operating theatre. Stroll through a transformed dock, see a world famous battleship, and visit the seat of London's government.


Back Across the Thames. County Hall to St Katherine's Dock. This is an area of rags and riches, romans and royalty, and imprisonment and execution. Two ends of the social spectrum have been intertwined for hundreds of years.

Visit an London dock area once alive with the exotic smell of cloves and coriander, which transformed into an artists enclave and has now become a gastronomic destination. Wander the streets immortalised by Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist. Walk over the most iconic bridge in London, and see the Thames from the viewing gallery. Say a quick hello to the Beefeaters and raven at the Tower of London. Admire the boats and yachts moored in an old warehouse dock. Then end your travels with a stop at a pub overlooking the Thames with links to pirates, wizards and executions.


Tickets and Times. A list of our current virtual walks can be found on our Virtual Walks Diary. If a walk is not currently scheduled, please follow us on Eventbrite to be notified when it is next running or contact us if you would like to arrange a private Virtual Walk.


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