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Mayflower in London

London had a central role in the history of the Mayflower.  The Mayflower sailed from London, master Christopher Jones and his crew lived and were recruited in London, and it was in the City of London that the money was raised for the voyage. Join us for a series of virtual walks exploring three distinct areas of London with their specific links to the Mayflower.


Rotherhithe has a long history with the sea and sailing, from the early trading days, to being the London home port of the Mayflower ship.  The very name Rotherhithe is thought to derive from the Anglo-Saxon 'Rethra' meaning a sailor and 'Hythe' meaning landing place.

See a pub where Captain Jones is said to have hired his crew, another from where the settlers boarded the Mayflower, and even the burial grounds of Captain Christopher Jones.  There is a church and school from the days of the Pilgrims and memorials built to commemorate those brave souls of the past. No visit would be complete without a visit to the renowned Mayflower Pub.


Bankside has a history as a place of bawdy entertainment. Practices were allowed which were outlawed elsewhere. There was gambling on bull and bear baiting, dog and cock fighting, drinking, music and dancing. There were many houses of ill repute, some even owned by the Bishop. We will encounter numerous buildings, names and locations that are connected to the Mayflower story.

See a prison where separatists were jailed, recreations of the Globe theatre of William Shakespeare and of a Tudor sailing ship. Visit a Cathedral with links to the beginning of Harvard University, and a market which was around at the times of the Pilgrims.


The importance of the City of London and the role of the Merchant Adventurers from is often overlooked. They supplied the finance and the organisation for the expedition, chose the Mayflower ship and its crew, and recruited the strangers. Without the finance from the City the Mayflower could not have sailed to America, and we would have no Mayflower story to celebrate.

Visit the wonderful Guildhall which would have been the central meeting hall for the financiers of the Mayflower expedition. Walk in the footsteps the Pilgrims' chief negotiators, the very streets where John Carver, Robert Cushman, and William Bradford lived. Step inside the church where John Smith, leader of the Virginia colony gave his sermon, and which has links with Miles Standish and John Carver. The City of London truly has remarkable Mayflower heritage.


Tickets and Times. A list of our current virtual walks can be found on our Virtual Walks Diary. If a walk is not currently scheduled, please follow us on Eventbrite to be notified when it is next running or contact us if you would like to arrange a private Virtual Walk.


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