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Diamond Dogs of London

Versatile, loving, companionable: dogs, more than any other animal, are enmeshed in human history. For centuries, maybe millennia, they have lived beside and with us.

Renowned for their faithfulness, their energy, their skills in guarding and guiding, in detecting everything from contraband to oncoming epileptic seizures or the presence of cancers, dogs are a life enhancing presence across the city both as pets and workers. Some are immortalised in stone, feature on memorials, even have their own cemetery.

Descended from wolves, they come in all shapes and sizes. Pedigree dogs, mongrels, breathtakingly athletic dogs, dogs who guard, dogs who love to run and chase and play, dogs who want to make friends. Loyal to a fault, they are not always served so well by humans.

This tour includes dogs of all sorts. So walk your own dog if you have one, then pull up a chair, and enjoy.

Tickets for our walks are restricted in numbers, so that we can be more sociable and better discuss what we have seen and learned.


Tickets and Times. A list of our current virtual walks can be found on our Virtual Walks Diary. If a walk is not currently scheduled, please follow us on Eventbrite to be notified when it is next running or contact us if you would like to arrange a private Virtual Walk.


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