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Cool Cats of London

There are cats everywhere with admirers throughout the world. From the Ancient Egyptians to our own family friends.

There are cats everywhere. While the Ancient Egyptians may have worshipped them as gods, most of us know our neighbourhood cats as friendly bundles of fur and whiskers. Some are shy and hide away, some stroll up to strangers for a casual caress. Some achieve a level of fame beyond their neighbourhood, beyond their era. Companion cats, working cats, cats on mats, mousers, ships' cats, famous and infamous cats, storybook cats and cats who are immortalised in statues, stained glass windows, even fridge magnets. Myriad cats who feature on this tour. So settle down with your own resident feline, if you have one, and enjoy.

Tickets for our walks are restricted in numbers, so that we can be more sociable and better discuss what we have seen and learned.


Tickets and Times. A list of our current virtual walks can be found on our Virtual Walks Diary. If a walk is not currently scheduled, please follow us on Eventbrite to be notified when it is next running or contact us if you would like to arrange a private Virtual Walk.


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