Charge Your Glasses for a Pub Tour

The Crown’s beer may taste as good as the Sun’s, but names - Arms, (never legs), Heads, Farmers (always Jolly) are portals to the past.

What’s the most popular pub name in the UK? Well it features on this tour. Soon our pubs will start reopening, and already we are savouring the pleasure of anticipation.

Most people have a favourite pub (or several) because every pub is different; every pub has evolved and will continue to evolve. At least it will with our support.

A startling number have closed down the years: become shops, houses, even betting shops and pharmacies. Unique histories are lost.

Combine culture with duty and pleasure, plan your first pint and learn about those names, those histories and even who has stood at the bar before you as we take you on a tour of some of Westminster’s most historic pubs.

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