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Battle of Hastings and Rye

Visit the site of the most famous battle in English history and the last defeat suffered on home soil, and the later defence set up to avoid another loss. Start the journey with a visit the small seaside village of Pevensey. It was here that King Harold and his army were stationed, before heading hundreds of miles north to take on an invading Viking army in York. Unfortunately leaving the harbor unguarded just when the Normans landed on the beach.

Then onwards to the town of Battle, the site of the infamous 1066 battle between the Saxon army of Harold and the invading army of the Duke of Normandy. We will visit the ruins of Battle Abbey and the battlefield that saw the two armies fight almost to obliteration before the end came.

We finally move onto Rye, in our tourney through defeat and devastation to defence. This small town on the coast was important during medieval times as it was part of the cinq ports set up to defend against foreign invasion from across the English Channel. St. Mary’s Parish Church is one of the town’s main sites which dates back 900 years along with Rye Castle and Ypres Tower which was used to defend against invasion.


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