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Rotherhithe Overview

The name Rotherhithe is thought to derive from the Anglo-Saxon 'Rethra' meaing a sailor and 'Hythe' meaning landing place. Rotherhithe has a long history with the sea and sailing, from the early trading days, to being the London home port of the Mayflower ship, to the docks bringing goods from around the world. More recently the area along the river has been redeveloped as upmarket housing, with current regeneration progressing most quickly around Deal Porter Square at Canada Water, where a new town centre with restaurant and retail units as well as new residential developments is emerging around the existing freshwater dock and transport hub.

The Rotherhithe Maylower heritage walk takes you past and into the Mayflower pub, the burial grounds of Captain Christopher Jones, the first tunnel to be built under a river, a period costume workshop, Scandanavian Churches, memorials built to the Pilgrim past and much more.

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