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Mayflower 400

The full Mayflower heritage walk takes about six hours including lunch and entrance into many local sites.  This is the official and complete Mayflower 400 tour where we will and go inside many of the buildings and attractions.  This is the official tour which has been endorsed by both the local history and tourist groups.


We will try to discover the London of the Pilgrims.  What was life like for ordinary people then?  Why were these people driven to leave their home country and set sail for a new world and new life?  We will see how the area has changed over the last 400 years, but still retains links to the past.

Our story begins in Rotherhithe, where the walk takes us past and into the Mayflower pub, the churchyard where Captain Christopher Jones is buried, to a church and school from the days of the Pilgrims, and to memorials built to commemorate those brave souls of the past.  We will stop for lunch and ale at a local pub redolent with history.  Also in Rotherhithe we will see the first tunnel built under the Thames, churches for the Scandinavian families who worked in the docks and made their home, a unique period costume workshop, and much more.

Moving on to Bankside, home to a prison where separatists were jailed, recreations of the Globe theatre of William Shakespeare and of a celebrated Tudor sailing ship, past and present side by side.  The walk also brings us up to date exploring the continuing relationship of the area with the sea, sailing and water.

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The Mayflower Pub

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St Mary's Church

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The Pilgrims Statue

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Edward III Manor House

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The Free School

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Brunel Museum

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