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Mayflower in Bankside

Bankside has a history as a place of bawdy entertainment. It was outside the jurisdiction of the City of London and governed by the Bishop of Winchester.  Practices were allowed which were outlawed elsewhere. There was gambling on bull and bear baiting, dog and cock fighting, drinking, music and dancing. There were many houses of ill repute, some even owned by the Bishop.


During the two hour Mayflower in Bankside walk we will see a prison where separatists were jailed, recreations of the Globe theatre of William Shakespeare and of a Tudor sailing ship.  We will visit a Cathedral with links to the begining of Harvard University, and a market which was around at the times of the Pilgrims.  We find the brewery founded in 1616 which 200 years later became the largest in the world. Bankside is overflowing with history.  We will end our two hours tour at the only galleried inn remaining in London for you to sample an ale and have lunch or an afternoon meal

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The Clink Prison

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The Globe Theatre

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The Golden Hinde

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Borough Market

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