Virtual Tours

NEW for 2021 will be a series of excursions to foreign countries for our virtual overseas tours. While these are no replacement for the real thing, we can hopefully enjoy brief visits to some famous heritage sites.

Athens in Greece We will begin our virtual holidays with a trip to the birthplace of modern civilisation, Athens the capital of Greece to see the Parthenon, Acropolis and original Olympic Stadium. A beauty this virtual holiday is that we can step back in time to the days of the famous philosophers, belief in the Greek Gods and those battles of Spartans and Trojans made famous through countless epic moves.

Move forward to see how architecture has been influenced by the ancient Greek buildings and step sideways to understand more of the controversies surrounding the ancient Greek treasures. Available dates.

Naples, Pompeii and Paestum - Virtual Tour The City of Naples, dominated by Mount Vesuvius. Home of the pizza! We will visit the city of Pompeii, covered by ash when Vesuvius erupted in 79CE. We can visit Naples Museum which holds many of the objects discovered here.

Paestum, just down the coast from Pompeii has the ruins of some of the most magnificent Greek temples in Italy. Available dates.

Tickets and Times. For details of times and costs for this and other virtual walk please click here to visit our visit our Eventbrite page.

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